Introducing the Vassago TKO - A hardcore enuro-road, gravel-grinder, all-road, OMNI-road, moster-cross, dirt road, do everything except hard core mountain bike - bike. Yep - we could not come up with our own term for this type of riding, so we'll just call it riding.

The TKO is the perfect do it all bike. Each one is made to order with multiple available options. Want sliding dropouts to run it in SSXWC? Done! Want special cable routing? No problem. Rack mounts? Sure!



Contact us to discuss your next dream, do it all machine!


  • > Frame Material: Vassago 29er specific 3AL/2.5V titanium
  • > Headset: 44mm inset
  • > Seatpost: 27.2
  • > Bottom Braket: 68mm shell, standard BSA
  • > Disc Brake mount rear: ISO or POST MOUNT, 140 or 160mm
  • > Dropouts: Sliding, 142x12 through axle, or standard quick release.
  • > Rear Spacing: 135mm
  • > Front Derailleur: 31.8
  • > Rear Derailleur: Standard 
  • > Recommended fork - Whisky #7 or #9 disc cross fork
  • > Tire Clearance: 45c (yeah.. thats right... fat ol gravel grinder tires!)
  • > Frame weights
  • > TBD
  • > All hardware for frame
  • Vassago Headbadge
  • > Cable guides
  • > Vassago seatpost clamp



    What size is right for you?
    Nothing compares to test riding a bike, and we strongly urge you to do that. The Vassago feel is our best feature! But if you can't throw a leg over first, contact us and we will get you the right size!



  • The ORIGINAL WetCat Geometry as designed by the Vassago founder. We havent changed a thing. Since back in the day (2005) Vassago hardtails have offered a distinctively different ride. This is a result of a perfectly ballanced relationship of tube diameters/butting and frame geometry designed specificly around 29" wheels. Here are the basic specs when concidering the right size frame for you.  But the tubing and butting specifics that give our frames that "Vassago feel" are closely guarded by ninjas hidden deep in the underground lair of our warehouse. So don't ask.