Moab 2014 - The Colorado Legion's Almost-Spring Break

While the Vassago World Headquarters are located in Arizona, where the winters are mild and predictable but the summers are absolutely brutal, a few of us call the mountains of Colorado home. The elevation that grants Colorado spectacular mountain riding all summer long, also yields a proper winter with plenty of snow, melt-off, and fragile muddy trails. 

So sometimes we retreat. This time, the destination was Moab. And as with any road trip, we had to pack.

Sometimes the drive gets interesting. 

But eventually you arrive. 

And then we ride.

 And it is glorious. 

And you ride some more. 

And you find some friends, who also packed well. 

Then you keep riding. 

Every good road trip needs a mascot. This one was named "Hashtag Enduro®."

Things got interesting, again. 

So we just kept riding. 

Wherever you may call home, remember that your bike is always a reason to rally- gather some friends, load up the car, and go find the fun. The summer is coming, be ready. Special thanks to Shimano America for making this trip happen.


The Vassago Legion



Vassago Name Dropper's Podium

In case you missed it- we’ve had some fierce competition over on our Facebook page this week. In short, we asked the Legion to tell us the name of their bike and why for some good old fashion entertainment. The responses were so numerous and hilarious, we decided we couldn’t pick just one.

Behold, the Vassago Name Drop Winners' Podium:

  1. Optimistress – Why didn’t we think of that?
  2. Blinglespeed – Why didn’t we think of that, either?
  3. Moschago JammalWocky – We’re not sure we get it, but he had his decals redone, and we dig that kind of commitment

The owners of these creatively named bikes will all be receiving the coveted Vassago SWAG packages. If you entered and didn't win, but are still interested in upgrading your wardrobe with some Vassago gear, it's all available here

Thanks to everyone who entered- We appreciate the laughs! Keep an eye on the Facebook page, we'll have more contests soon! 


The Vassago Team.


2013 - The Year in Review(s)

Looking back over 2013, we have a lot to be proud of here at Vassago. We updated all of our frames, making them better than ever, introduced a few new products, and enjoyed several flattering reviews in widely respected magazines and online publications. Most importantly, we had a lot of fun along the way. We know that none of this happens without all of you- the loyal riders and our dealers. Thanks for the great year and here’s to 2014!

Switchback magazine builds and reviews the VerHauen.

MTBR spends the Fall on the VerHauen.

Bike Rumor rediscovers steel and falls back in love with 29ers on the VerHauen goes green with the VerHauen.

Special thanks to all these publications for giving us, the small guys, a chance! Thanks for the ride and we'll see ya'll in 2014!


The Vassago Team



The Beer Palate of the Legion.

This Friday, we must interrupt our typical light-hearted shenanigans with something very serious- cold, hard, scientific data. The Vassago super computers have been hard at work processing very sensitive data that our valued subjects (AKA: Vassago riders) have shared with us. We are excited to release our findings in the following declassified report.

Notable observations: While all microbreweries and specific beers were simply too numerous to plot on a legible graph, one observation was clear: Many subjects surveyed (AKA: Vassago riders) expressed a strong preference towards a specific microbrew of superior quality, sourced from a production facility (AKA: brewery) within a small geographical radius of their frequent recreational destination (AKA: trailhead). Duh.

So here you have it. The Beer Palate of the Vassago Legion. Enjoy.

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The Vassago Team


The Vassago Legion: We want to hear from you. 

We like to think that Vassago is a special type of brand. We have our own rules, our own priorities, our own aesthetic, and our own attitude. All of that is reflected in the kind of people that choose Vassago. What makes you a Vassago rider? And vice versa - what makes Vassago the bike for you? This week we want to hear from you.

To that end, we’ve created a new email address:

We don’t use it to sell bikes, ship bikes, or anything of that sort. You can use it as you wish, and as often as you like. Send us photos from your latest adventure or race. Send us a photo of your beloved Vassago build, or your dog. Recommend a killer beer that we probably can’t live without. You get the point.  We understand that there are many, many bikes to choose from and we’re honored that you’ve chosen Vassago and chosen to be a part of this twisted band of freaks we consider a community. Let’s embrace that and share our experience.

Let’r rip.

By email:
On Facebook: Vassago Cycles Page
On Twitter:

To get this started, here are some photos from a recent mixed-surface excursion we took on newly built Fisticuffs and TKOs. Enjoy. 


We look forward to hearing from you. 


The Vassago Team