We’ll studiously avoid using words like, “real,” “soulful,” or “pure” to describe singlespeeding, and we’ll especially avoid pretending that riding a singlespeed somehow makes the rider special. We will, however, recognize how these and related descriptions and stereotypes have emerged around and begun to define 1X1 bikes. We think it’s best described as focus-enabling simplicity. Forget shifting. Minimize maintenance. Reduce moving (and potentially failing) parts. Nevermind pivot placements, damping rates and anti-squat. Singlespeeds enable the rider to focus on the actual act of riding and to be as completely immersed in the experience of mountain biking as possible. The price to entry is a commitment to taking the figurative (and occasionally literal) harder path, and it makes the reward all the sweeter.

It’s these reasons, combined with the Vassago commitment to performance for the money, that make the Jabberwocky perhaps our most beloved model.  The price and benefits of the nimble, durable, affordable frame are perfectly aligned with the price and benefits of the singlespeeding experience; the newest iteration even more so than ever, boasting increased tire clearance (stuff some 3" plus tires in this sucker!!), size specific R-tech butted tubing, and a 44mm headtube to accommodate a wide range of fork and headset options. All incorporated while improving on the Jabber’s legendary ride.


Visit your local dealer or the Vassago shop to get your hands on one of these sweet rides!

  • > Frame Material: Vassago Rtech tubing
  • > Headset: 44mm inset
  • > Seatpost: 31.6
  • > Bottom Braket: 73mm shell, standard BSA
  • > Disc Brakes: Standard ISO
  • > Dropouts: Sliding rear dropouts - geared, singlespeed, quick release, or 142x12mm
  • > Rear Spacing: 34.9mm direct mount top pull
  • > Rear Derailleur: Standard 
  • > Rigid Fork: Vassago Odis (480mm)
  • > Squishy Fork: 100-120mm recommended for best handling
  • > Tire Clearance: Big Ol' fat ass 3" 29er plus tires.
  • > Frame weights
  • > 16" (Small) 
  • > 18" (Medium)
  • > 20" (Large) 
  • > Seatpost clamp
  • > Cable guides
  • > Water bottle bolts
  • > Quick release dropout inserts (142x12mm with axle $40 additional)
      Small Medium Large
    Rider Height* < 5'9" 5'8" - 6'1" > 6'0"
    Effective top tube 600mm/23.6" 615mm/24.2" 625mm/24.6"
    Seat tube length 406.4mm/16" 457.2mm/18" 508mm/20"
    Head tube length 90mm/3.5" 100mm/3.9" 120mm/4.72"
    Head tube Angle 70 70 70
    Seat tube angle 74.5 73.5 73.5
    BB Drop 68mm/2.7" 68mm/2.7" 68mm/2.7"
    CS length 432mm/17.0" 432mm/17.0" 432mm/17.0"
    Fork Length 480mm 480mm 480mm
    Fork Offset 45mm 45mm 45mm
    Standover 711mm/28" 736mm/29" 800mm/31.5"


    *Recommended rider height. If you are built funny - contact us and we will assist with sizing

    ***All measurements with a 480mm axle to crown fork, or sagged 100mm suspension fork




    What size is right for you?
    Nothing compares to test riding a bike, and we strongly urge you to do that. The Vassago feel is our best feature! But if you can't throw a leg over first, here are some sizing recommendations.


  • The ORIGINAL WetCat Geometry as designed by the Vassago founder. We havent changed a thing. Since back in the day (2005) Vassago hardtails have offered a distinctively different ride. This is a result of a perfectly ballanced relationship of tube diameters/butting and frame geometry designed specificly around 29" wheels. Here are the basic specs when concidering the right size frame for you.  But the tubing and butting specifics that give our frames that "Vassago feel" are closely guarded by ninjas hidden deep in the underground lair of our warehouse. So don't ask.