Vassago Headtube Badge

Pimp your ride with a Vassago headtube Badge. The badges are a secret metal alloy mined from the center of Neptune (not really, but they are a cool metal) and include mounting tape. Two sizes are offered to ensure a perfect fit:

  • Standard 1 1/8" headtube
  • 44mm headtubes









Bandersack - Rear deraileur hanger 

 So you were just riding along and a stick jumped up and ripped the rear derailleur off your Bandersnatch - BUMMER! These hangers will get you up and running again

Stock Hanger - Direct replacement for the factory hanger that came with your frame

CNC Hanger Upgrade - Machined from 7075 aluminum then anodized black to make it supermodel sexy. This hanger is stiffer than the original providing even more precise shifting!


Bandersack - CNC Hanger upgrade


The Bandersack CNC hanger is machined from 7075 aluminum and then anodized black to make it even more beautiful! This hanger is stiffer and more precise than the stock hanger - allowing even more perfect shifting on your faithful steed!