We are proud to announce Vassago's Black Label Series frames. The concept behind our Black Label Series frames is to offer undeniably perfect, no compromise, made in the USA frames for those of us that know the difference.

Literally pulled from the race team's "dream frame" concept over the past several years, every Black Label frame blends Vassago's proven frame design with the best materials and the cleanest, tightest welds. The result, an elite level race 29er, hand made in the USA by a bunch of guys who only know how to make 29ers.

We have built and scrapped multiple prototypes over the past several months ensuring every detail of these frames are perfect - including all materials. Every effort has been made to ensure everything on the frames are made in the USA - even down to the finish!

Two Black Label models will be available in early 2013 (for real folks, these frames are in production  - add yourself to the waiting list to get one first)

  • Optimus Ti - Limited production made in the USA titanium frame.
  • VerHauen - OX Platimum tubeset, made in the USA.

Both frames can be run singlespeed or geared with multiple rear axle options!

What does the future hold for the Black Label Series?

It's secret for now - we don't want to let the cat out of the bag until we have the final models complete and AVAILABLE! Let's just say the upcoming models will be every bit as drool worthy and exciting as the first couple of frames.

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