About Vassago


In recent years, it seems the steel and ti frame industry has taken a turn for the unobtainable.  While we welcome and applaud the craftsmanship, innovation, and attention-to-detail, we feel the consumers (or riders, as we call them) have been priced outof the category they so loyally helped create. Don’t get us wrong - the boutique steel revival frame movement is beautiful. But so is making your mortgage payment. Or your rent.  We’re just different. Our bikes come in finishes, not “colourways.” Our differentiators are value and features, not need-to-know-someone exclusivity.


Our purposes can best be distilled to this: Performance for the dollar. Fun. Beer. Blue-collar ethic. The result? Our customers are people that we actually like, and enjoy riding with. Hell, they’re actually human, even. We ride hard and work hard. And we deliver bikes that offer exceptional performance and value. Some of our bikes are produced in the US by very skilled, very experienced human hands, while other models are produced by very skilled, very experienced human hands in Taiwan.  We capture and deliver the quality and innovation found at NAHBS - without the all-to-common 50% price premium. W

e produce steel and ti offerings with unique, ride-proven geometry, features and tubing designs. We capture and deliver the best manufacturing value that we can offer, without compromising on performance or quality, to bring the Vassago experience to even more approachable price points. Plus, you know, we have pint glasses. And t-shirts. And stuff.

Founded in 2005, we’ve maintained a commitment to doing things how we see fit, as opposed to chasing fads. That meant building 29ers from the start, because big wheels work and they’re fun to ride, not because the market demanded it. In fact, we were one of the first build 29ers, and we’ve continued to do so through relocations from So Cal to the Mid Atlantic, from the Mid Atlantic to Arizona, as well as through changes in ownership. As much as anything, this speaks to the strength of the Vassago mission – to build great bikes that deliver great value and riding experience, and to have fun doing it. It also places Vassago among a very small group of companies that has experience riding, testing and designing in the most diverse terrain that mountain biking has to offer. Our frames and geometries were developed and refined while dodging cacti in the harsh desert conditions of Arizona, playing on the world-class sandstone and clay steeps of Southern California’s coastal trails, and while battering bike and body in search of the perfect rhythm and flow to match the granite and tree-root infested, often gloriously muddy singletrack of the Mid Atlantic. This experience helps us to more than transcend the regionality of design that often plagues even the largest of manufacturers, and to build bikes that are well capable no matter where you live or ride.

As we near our tenth year of existence, we like to think that we’ve grown not just as bike manufacturers, but as business managers and as people. We’ve matured. We’ve learned. We’ve gotten better.  This shows in our offerings, in our service and in our stability. Vassago is now owned by Tom Ament, long a Vassago owner and team racer prior to buying the business from its founders. As Tom writes his chapter in Vassago’s history, expect to see growth in US made offerings, further development and refinement of the imported frames, and to see Vassago offering complete bike and build kit options alongside the framesets.

Thank you for your interest and support. We look forward to learning how we can best serve your needs. Hit us up with questions ( and enjoy the ride.